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MNC Internet Services began in the early 90’s in a spare bedroom in a small country town in regional Victoria.  Offering IT and consulting services to the local community which was craving quality services at a reasonable price.

We specialised in providing the following services :

  • Computer builds
  • Software installs
  • Software training
  • Software configuration
  • Custom software development
a small country town - and it still has its own general store!

With the internet still in it’s infancy, we provided advice to clients on choosing a service.  When we started, the only way to get into the internet (as we know it today) was through dial-up modems!  incredibly slow.

For anyone who’s been around for a while, the sounds that these devices emitted are unforgettable.  For anyone who doesn’t remember – click here to listen.

In the early nineties, the internet looked very different.  The majority of websites where purely text based.  Images took too long to download.  No-one ever dreamt of actually streaming a TV show or movie, through an online streaming service.

We launched our first web-server, with only a few clients, on a web-server located in the US  – bandwidth costs in Australia for hosting where exhaustively prohibitive. That was back in 1993.  Our collection of servers grew, across multiple data-centres in the United states, as did our client base.

In April 2016, we moved the last of our shared hosting clients from US servers, back to Australia – decreasing the response time for these websites by around 1 second.

Our data centres located in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne offer lightning fast connectivity to most of the internet backbone providers in Australia – see our technology page for more info.