Our shared hosting plans are a quick and easy way to get set up without having the need for a full virtual private server or a dedicated server all of your own.

We look after the hardware, and the underlying system, and share out the server resources with other users on the same server.  We continually maintain watch over the server usage, and never over-sell the servers.

In addition, you get access to the Plesk control panel for easy to use management.


All prices are in Australian Dollars, and are inclusive of GST.

  • disk space
    the space available for storing files, mail, logs, configuration information etc
  • bandwidth
    amount of data bandwidth available. both in and outbound data is counted.
  • email accounts
    allowed amount of actual email accounts (does not include additional aliases)
  • databases
    amount of separate databases you can configure
  • add-on domains
    amount of permitted additional domains - with their own unique website content
  • parked domains
    an alias for your main domain. for example, you have www.mydomain.com, an alias would be something such as www.myseconddomain.com. visiting your alias would show your main site.
  • sub-domains
    example: blog.mysite.com.au - with blog being the sub-domain.
  • phone support
  • backups
    backup your content by setting your own backup schedule


  • 400 Mb disk space
  • 4 Gb data
  • 2 email accounts
  • 1 MySQL database
  • 1 parked domain (alias)
  • 1
  • $30 per issue


  • 1 Gb disk space
  • 10 Gb data
  • 10 email accounts
  • 5 MySQL databases
  • 5 add-on domains
  • 5 parked domains (aliases)
  • 5 sub-domains

  • 3 Gb disk space
  • 100 Gb data
  • unlimited MySQL databases
  • 5 add-on domains
  • 5 parked domains (aliases)

  • 5 Gb disk space
  • 250 Gb data
  • unlimited MySQL databases
  • 10 add-on domains
  • 10 parked domains (aliases)

  • 10 Gb disk space
  • unlimited data
  • unlimited MySQL databases
  • unlimited add-on domains
  • unlimited parked domains (aliases)


  • 10 Gb disk space
  • unlimited data
  • unlimited MySQL databases
  • unlimited add-on domains
  • unlimited parked domains (aliases)
included with every economy vps plan
  • Sydney or Melbourne location

    Choose from datacentres in either Sydney or Melbourne to locate your Virtual Private Server

  • Instant Service Activation

    No long delays getting your server set up – its up and running as soon as payment is processed!

  • CloudLinux Protection

    Provide superior protection from other Virtual Private Servers running on the same hardware – your own dedicated Operating System

  • Unlimted email accounts

    You can set up as many email accounts for POP/IMAP access as you like!

  • Unlimited Sub-Domains

    www.yourdomain.com and blog.yourdomain.com and anything.yourdomain.com – the options are endless – no restrictions here

  • Unlimited FTP Access and users

    You can configure an unlimited number of File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Accounts to upload files.

  • 250+ Free One-Click PHP Apps

    more than 250 PHP applications, installable with just one click!

  • CloudFlare Availability

    CloudFlare sits between your visitors and your website, to provide a faster experience, and reduce attacks.

  • PHP, MySQL, Zend, SourceGuardian, IonCube

    the most common components for delivering a site and already here and ready to go!

  • cron jobs, SSH access

    you can create your own custom cron jobs (scheduled tasks), and you also get SSH access to your Virtual Private Server

  • daily and weekly account backups

    We provide daily and weekly backups of your server in case something goes wrong. (restore charges extra)

  • cPanel Access

    with our VPS, you get cPanel access so you don’t need to remember confusing command line arguments for common tasks!