Frequently Asked Questions

What is an SSL Certificate?

An SSL Certificate is used to encrypt the connection between your website and the web-browser of viewers of your website.  This is essential when your website asks for sensitive information from your viewers, such as password or credit card number, and it also gives viewers a sense of security knowing their transaction with your website is secure.

How do I install my SSL Certificate?

We make installing your SSL certificate simple.  Within your my.MNC account, follow the setup wizard and we’ll handle all the technical work behind the scenes.

If you’re hosting your website with another provider, you can download your SSL Ceritificate and follow their installation process.

Why do some SSL Certificates take longer to provision than others?

SSL Certificates can take longer to install depending on their validation process.  Some SSL Certificates only require you to prove you own the domain name while others require proof that your organisation is legitimate, which is a lengthier process.

Depending on the validation process, times can range from a few minutes to 5 days.

What's the difference between Domain, Organisation and Extended Validation?

Domain Validation only requires verification that the applicant owns the domain name where they plan to use the certificate.  No additional checks are required before the certificate is issued, resulting in a rapid processing time.

Organisational Validation presents a greater level of security than Domain Validation as it requires additional validation carried out before the Certificate is issued.

Extended Validation is the most comprehensive validation process and follows the same procedures as Domain and Organisation Validation as well as further investigation carried out by the SSL certificate issuer.